A World of Work aims to cultivate appreciation for individual contributions to humanity’s progress and to the meeting of fundamental human needs. We hope to cultivate awareness about, and appreciation for, individuals around the world who have contributed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of humanity. 

Each contributor to the project will, through a succinct biography, share what contributions one such person has made. The biographies will be shared via this website, accessible to school-age children and to all those around the world who may be interested. The website will draw people from across the earth to tell their stories. The biographies will help students develop an interest in the life stories of others, and may help develop an ability to write their own biographies of people they encounter who have supported these important human needs. The various life stories will help cultivate students’ interest in literacy (reading and writing) as well as in various jobs and professions. We hope that contributors both young and old will learn to connect with others.