Toolkit for Students

The goals of this project:

  • To cultivate awareness about, and appreciation for individuals around the world who have contributed to meeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of humanity 
  • To collect biographies from workers around the world 
  • To share the biographies through this website, accessible to school-age children, and to all those around the world who may be interested 
  • To help students develop the desire and the ability to write their own biographies of people who have supported fundamental human needs

What you need to do:

  1. Select a person.
  2. Make sure the person signs a consent form online.
  3. Find out the basic facts about the person's life – Ask him/her the Key Questions below. 
  4. Think about these ideas: 
  • Progression/regression.  Look for a steady refining of the person's character or work, an improvement over time, leading up to a defining event that shows how far the person has come
  • Cycles: there may be situations that repeat themselves in a person's life; this cycle may repeat itself throughout a significant portion of the person's life (maybe signifying a phase) and at some point, the person might "break the cycle." 
  • Turning points:  What are the moments in the subject's life when his/her direction changed dramatically? These moments may mark the point at which a pattern changes; a new phase begins, progression may become regression (or vice versa); a cycle ends, or a new one starts. 

     5. Have your parents sign a consent form online. 

     6. Make sure your subject has submitted a "CONSENT TO BE INTERVIEWED FORM" online.

     7. Submit your story below, answering the Key Questions.

     8. Submit photographs or have your subject submit the photographs directly to us by emailing

Sample Interview Request

If you need help knowing what to say to the person you want to write about, here is a sample letter/email you can send them:

Dear _______________,

I would like to invite you to join our project “A World of Work." The journey of how you got to where you are is as important as the work you now do. Hearing stories from others can inspire us to think about our future as we begin our journey to find work that is meaningful, challenging, and inspiring.  I would like to interview you for this project by having you answer our Key Questions (see below). Positive thinking about the work we do can often itself bring about positive change. And as we collaborate on this project, we can create change for a more tolerant world, one in which people across cultures have a better understanding of each other. 

The people like you whom we ask to tell their story might see their work as a calling, as a part of their identity; they have all gone on a journey to arrive where they are at, so mapping the choices and evolution of your path to satisfying work is key. If there were challenges, we invite you to share those with us as they helped you achieve your dream. 

Stories are wonderful. In addition to our Key Question answers, we want to add anecdotes and insights to the summaries that would be of interest to children of elementary age. Consider this to be a general conversation, do not hold back from using professional language. Write or speak as you would to a friend. 

We are grateful for your time in collaborating and connecting with our project. This, we hope, will result in a greater sense of world community. If you would like to join our global community, please let me know. We will set up a time for me to interview you. For more information, you can visit the website, “A World of Work.”


(your name)

Here are the Key Questions:

1. What is the name, job, and location of the person interviewed?

2. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What are some memorable moments in your childhood? 

3. When you were growing up, what sort of jobs did you see yourself doing? 

4. What professions did your parents and grandparents follow? Did they seem fun or hard? 

5. What is your present job title? How did you reach your current profession? How long have you been doing this work? 

6. What are the main adjectives you would use to describe yourself? What do your friends say about you? 

7. How do you feel your work suits you? What do you enjoy about it? 

8. What did you find difficult or feel took time to master? What were some challenges you had to work through? 

9. How does your job help meet people’s needs? How do you help your community? 

10. What events and people have influenced your life? Who inspires you? 

11. What advice would you offer to a young person exploring the world of work?

Submit Your Answers Here:

Key Questions